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Bathing & Restroom Assistance

We take the time to get to know you so that we can tailor our personal care services to fit in with your everyday activities. Whether you need help with clothes, personal hygiene, or just a helping hand, we are here to assist you.

Elderly People Require Help in the Bathroom

Everybody’s need for help using the restroom is unique. Unfortunately, a lot of senior falls and injuries occur in the restroom and its environs. Some people need help getting to and from the bathroom, using the commode, cleaning up afterward, taking a bath or shower, and getting dressed.

Seniors' Assistance With Clothes

Regardless of age, dressing often requires a certain amount of flexibility, mobility, and balance. It makes sense that as we age, dressing can become increasingly challenging. Our caregivers are highly qualified individuals who can step in and help when you just need a little bit, or they can take over and offer more thorough assistance when needed.

The Safety of Elderly People at Home

Because shower and bathtub thresholds are low and handrails are short, most falls among the elderly occur during these activities. We can help you decide what changes to make to your living space to make bathing and self-care safer.